Welcome to Banana BAMBOO Ecolodge!

It is a pleasure to have you at Bananal Ecolodge, to be able to offer you a new and enriching experience.

We are located in a not very known region to common tourists, the Ubatumirim wilderness that has a large natural, cultural and ethnic diversity. Our tour suggestions will let you unveil this richness, providing contact with the nature and the traditional communities, in a harmonious and respectful way.
The entire Banana Bamboo Ecolodge infrastructure was planned to be integrated to the landscape with harmony and respect. Our spaces use techniques of natural construction and are designed to activities that aim to encourage the region´s protection, collaborate with the sustainable development of the community and give you many reasons to always want to come back.


Relaxation and adventure!


Comfort in nature!


Ecogastronomic and healthy!