Inserted in nature!


The Banana Bamboo Ecolodge is located in the Hinterland Ubatumirim, north of Ubatuba, near the border of the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Surrounded by the Sierra sea, split into 20 hectares of native Atlantic Forest reserve on the banks of river Ubatumirim.

It is a region of great natural beauty, little known to the average tourist.
2 km to the Beach Shipyard and next to the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches of the coast, the Banana Bamboo Ecolodge is inserted in a beautiful waterfalls area, with trails perfect for hiking and cycling.

In addition to natural attractions, there is an incredible ethnic and cultural diversity, thanks to the presence of indigenous, quilombolas and Caiçara. Road maps that lead to contact with these communities are part of the programs.

The Ubatumirim the Hinterland is also known for organic production of cassava, cambuci, juçara pulp and, of course, banana! The Cooking Banana Bamboo Ecolodge add these foods to your menu ecogastronômico, so named for adding value to local products.


Estrada do Pasto Grande, 2145
Ubatumirim - Ubatuba - São Paulo - Brasil CEP 11680000